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We provide quality sod & seeding services to residential and commercial clients in Baltimore, MD and surrounding areas. With our professional acumen we will create a lawn that you will be proud to display in your neighborhood.

Sod or Seeding?

Can’t decide whether to replace your brown lawn with new grass entirely or to have a sod solution installed instead? We are here to help you through the process in deciding how to best rejuvenate your lawn.

Seeding offers a large selection of grass types and a lower initial cost than sodding but there are some things to keep in mind. It will take time for the grass to fully mature into a dense lawn and watering is crucial to develop the grass properly. Sodding on the other hand is instant, may be planted any time of the season and is free of most weeds.

We perform all types of lawn renovations work from top-dress work, over seeding to new sod work. Give us a call today!

Top-dress Work

New Sod Work


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